Gayle Guyardo

Gayle Guyardo is an American reporter, journalist, and news anchor. She is best known as highest rated morning show host anchor for WFLA Channel 8 News and Tampa Today, having worked on the same network for over 25 years.

Early Life & Education:

  • Gayle began her education at the HB Plantation High School in Tampa, showing a natural desire and talent for writing and presenting from an early age, despite suffering from extreme shyness. She was also a bit of a tomboy in her childhood.
  • Moving briefly away from Tampa, she headed to Alabama to study for a degree in Broadcast Journalism at Auburn University in 1988.

Career, Income, Salary & Net Worth

  • Gayle began her career in journalism as a news anchor for a small channel in Sarasota, Florida, but was soon noticed by WFLA News Channel 8 in 1993 and offered a job.
  • Throughout a career spanning over 25 years with WFLA and sister station WLL, Gayle has held several positions, from journalist to Co-Anchor on features such as the ‘Early Morning Show,’ ‘Midday Show’ and ‘Tampa Today.’
  • For all those years, she has been waking up at 2:30 A.M. almost every weekday morning! Briefly leaving WFLA in 2010 to explore ‘other projects,’ Gayle was very soon tempted back into the news studio and now enjoys her status as a much-loved Tampa celebrity and is always available to be involved in local charity projects.

Trivia & Interesting Facts :

  • She also has a personal website. A keen blogger in her spare time, Gayle has shared her personal activities, posted 100s of recipes, and also numerous family photos and videos.
  • She is a keen fitness freak, sharing her tips and exercises on her blog as well as picturing and publishing the recipes of the many healthy recipes she produces as a very keen cook.
  • Ever grateful for the opportunities she has been given in life, Gayle loves to give back to her community and has been known to appear at and support numerous charity events.
  • She likes to support those with acute shyness and is an advocate for many Autism charities.